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At Unelma we've created a catalog of products that provide a magical sleeping experience using the materials that mother nature has given us. the name Unelma, the Finnish word for "dream", represents an idea of "a desirable vision" or "a dream come true".

We’ve traveled the world to look for the best bedding materials available. We focused on quality and comfort. What we came up with is a line of superb bedding products that are made from the most comfortable and supportive material we found.

We have conducted independent lab tests to verify the quality and origin of our material. Our sheets are scientifically proven to wick moisture and repel bacteria. Not only that, but our mattresses are proven to give just the right amount of support for those who prefer their mattress soft or firm.

We have worked to open many stores throughout the U.S. to allow our customers the opportunity to experience our products before making a purchase. Most of our activities take place in our product showrooms, which are located in malls throughout Florida, Las-Vegas, and Texas.

Visit one of our Unelma stores near you!

You can make an appointment with one of our team members. These sleep experts will match you with the best mattress or pillow and the best sheets to help you relax, sleep and dream.

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