Your Personality And Your Sleeping Position

There are a myriad of ways to learn about a person. You can follow them on social media to find out what they like. Maybe you meet someone in a club or group where you share similar interests, and you learn more about them through that. Did you know that another method to find out about people is by looking at their sleeping position? Though this may seem offbeat, it seems that people that sleep in similar positions tend to have similar personality traits. Below is a list of various sleeping positions and what they might say about the people who sleep that way:

  • Back sleeper - You may think of a soldier when you see someone lying flat on their back. This is no surprise, as many who sleep on their back tend to be more reserved or quiet. They are also often well-adjusted and persistent. They might even be stubborn.
  • Side sleeper - There are many various and complicated side-sleeping positions. Those who are side-sleepers tend to be more suspicious or even more cynical than other sleep-types. They also can be quite reliable and calm.
  • Stomach sleeper - People that sleep on their stomach are most often social and have very outgoing personalities. You will find many leaders who are stomach sleepers, due to their predisposition to take initiative.
  • Fetal sleeper - Those who sleep with their knees curled up into their stomachs may appear shy at first. The longer you know them, the more they relax and open up, and the more acquainted you get. Fetal sleepers may be prone to seek protection and sympathy.
  • Open sleeper - Sleepers who open their body when they are sleeping might also be inclined to open up to others as they tend to have very giving personalities. They might even be adventurous and unpredictable.

You may find people who are much more complex than their sleeping habits allude to. It could be that they utilize more than one sleeping position throughout the night. There is no right way for everyone to sleep, and these personality traits may not be steadfast. For example, you might know a back sleeper who isn’t reserved but instead is extremely outgoing. It’s still interesting to think that the way you sleep may tell others a little bit about you.

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