Sleep Deprivation Effects On Our Bodies

There are things we need to do to stay alive. We use clothing and shelter to protect us, we eat food to energize us, and we sleep to revitalize us. Concerning sleep, it is recommended that we get 8 hours of sleep each night. This number can fluctuate between 7 and 9 hours, depending on the person. It is not only the length of our sleep that matters, however. The quality of our sleep is also integral to ensure that we can properly function. What happens when we do not get proper sleep? Here are seven ways our bodies are affected when we do not get the rest that we need:

  • Our Memory - We are not able to properly retain information when we lack sleep, and we are more likely to forget things. The less sleep we get, the more we will have issues with our memory.
  • Our Illnesses - Repeated lack of sleep can lead to a variety of illnesses. These can include high blood pressure, diabetes, heart issues, and many other ailments. It even creates an increased risk of cancer.
  • Our Beauty - When we don’t get enough sleep, our complexions may show it. Our skin won’t have a healthy glow. We may even break out in acne. There is a reason rest is referred to as “beauty sleep”.
  • Our Cognition - If we don’t get adequate rest, our minds are affected. We might not be able to focus or to think properly. Ultimately, this can result in our making poor decisions, or even having bouts of indecision.
  • Our Weight - There seems to be a correlation between our weight and the sleep we attain. The less sleep we get, the more weight we are likely to gain. To keep our waistlines intact, it’s best to get the sleep that our bodies need.
  • Our Mood - How we slept the night before directly correlates to how we feel, and our moods, the following day. Continuous lack of sleep has even been shown to lead to depression. Additionally, those who suffer from depression may experience lack of sleep.
  • Our Alertness - When we don’t sleep well, we lack a sense of alertness. Not being alert is a major cause of accidents. This includes those while operating heavy machinery, driving cars, or even accidents while walking or doing our daily activities.

It’s important to realize when we have not gotten enough sleep, and when we need to alter our activities because of this. If we are having cognitive issues, we should not be holding that big meeting about intricate numbers. If we aren’t alert, we need to avoid getting behind the wheel of a car.

When it comes to sleep deprivation, the best medicine is prevention. Maintaining a healthy sleep hygiene to ensure that we always get the rest that our bodies need. This includes going to bed and waking up at the same time daily, no consuming coffee or alcohol before bed, and other positive sleep habits. Concerning sleep deprivation, we know what we need to do to avoid this. It’s time we slip into something comfortable, slide into our perfectly poised beds, and prepare ourselves for a good night’s sleep.





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