How to update your bedroom in 4 easy steps with Unelma

Are you tired of your dull room? Every day seems to be the same?
Sometimes one of the reasons for that feeling is that your room does not have the enough life and energy that it needs.

The room is the last place where we take refuge after a long day and the first place where we open our eyes for a new day and a new opportunity.
Many times we do not pay attention to small things that make the difference to have full satisfaction.



Follow our easy 4 steps that will give a refresh to your room and make you feel in the clouds:



One of the main reasons that make you feel tired is your pillow, nobody likes that feeling of not having rested or neck pain, and the main cause is your pillow.
Replace your pillows once a year, or more frequently if you wake up with neck pain or you can easily fold your pillow in half.


You’ll sleep a lot better (and healthier) if you follow a few basic replacement rules. Good mattresses last up to 10 years; swap them out sooner if you consistently wake up feeling tired or sore, or if the bed looks like something out of CSI, with the perma-outline of your body still visible after you’ve been up for several minutes. Get a mattress that is guaranteed for more than 10 years, and also that will take care of you! So that you can take care of what really matters, Living.


Your sheets are vital when creating the ideal sleep environment, but making sure that you have chosen the right sheets for you, it’s essential first to know what sort of options you have available. It might surprise you the variety of bedding options that are out there, especially when you realize that it’s not just different materials and thread counts. When you purchase sheets, you have to sift through material types, thread counts, cooling properties, elasticity, and more to determine what’s going to work best for you. We’ve prepared some of the most common sheet types on the market and their plus and cons check them out here


Turn your bedroom into the sanctuary you always dreamed of by adding an adjustable bed. Have you ever tried to sleep with your legs lifted? Or maybe just laying in your bed reading a book with your back, neck, and head fully supported? With an adjustable bed, you get all these benefits with a click of a button, adjust your head and/or feet to the most comfortable position for whatever you are doing and turn your mattress into a gravity-defying, miracle machine with an adjustable bed.

"was hesitant at first in buying one until i tried it . got it home finally and 1st night went to sleep in 5 min or less.. best mattress by far. now i cannot wait to sleep when I get home from a long day of work..Also great customer service at this store .. very courteous.. i definitely recommend this bed if you have trouble sleeping or toss and turn at night.."

M. Loyla


"Unelma mattress is amazing, and I’m in love with the pillows. "

Taylor Smallegan


"This mattress is amazing
We just got our king size yesterday! it came with 2 free pillows. Best night I sleep in a very long time
Thank you"

Tali Pasceri


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  • I nead the size of king size sheets, please. because my king bed is so big

    Marialuisa Hussey

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