When we are about to go to sleep, it is vital to take care of what we eat: when lying down, some foods are more difficult to digest, causing insomnia. Among other things, a fat and slow digestion will complicate the time of lying down. Indigestion can last you until the next day, and when you wake up, you will not have enough energy to start developing your daily activity. Therefore, take note of what you should avoid at dinner to have a restful night. 

Your morning I will thank you.


There is no problem to consume whole grains before going to sleep, the problem is that the vast majority of cereals available in the market today have high amounts of sugar.
Eating cereals rich in simple sugars will increase blood sugar levels by providing energy that we will not burn and that will not let us fall asleep. When the blood sugar levels begin to fall, the sensation of sleep will occur, but our body will try to compensate for the excess blood sugar, and that will affect the REM phase so we will wake up feeling tired.
So when we want to eat cereals, we should avoid the varieties that have added sugars and choose whole grains with complex carbohydrates.
For example, the red pepper, which has a stimulating effect that hinders the conciliation of sleep. It is also not recommended celery, as it will provoke desires to go to the bathroom and therefore interrupt our sleep, or lettuce, which has a high content of insoluble fiber and can cause gas and bloating at night.


Foods with a high content of saturated fats take longer to digest and, therefore, can hinder sleep. Also, and unlike carbohydrates, proteins take longer to digest. Save extra work to your body at night and try not to take many amounts of protein during the night.
Like chocolate, many soft drinks contain high amounts of caffeine and sugar. Besides, some have aspartame, an artificial sweetener associated with sleep disorders. The consumption of alcohol reduces the duration of the known REM phase, or phase of rapid eye movements, which is the phase of sleep during which our body recovers and prepares to stay awake the next day.


Spicy food stimulates a high production of acid in the stomach, so if you eat it before going to bed you are likely to suffer from reflux and acidity: lying down would cause food and acid to return from the stomach to the esophagus. 



The body metabolizes sugar very efficiently, sending it quickly to the blood. The variation in blood glucose levels would favor the production of adrenaline, which would make you feel more energetic and make it difficult for you to fall asleep.

How many times have we taken chocolate milk and some cookies for dinner and the next morning we had the feeling of not having rested?


 Dinner is the last meal of the day, and it is essential because, when you sleep, you will spend about 8 hours without eating anything, Taking a proper dinner will provide your body with energy and nutrients to have a good rest like a baby and start the day well following.



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