Why unelma is different?

The Benefits of CertiPUR-US® Certified Foams

Quite simply, foams that feel good, are good.

✓ No chemicals, ever.
✓ Low emissions help improve indoor air quality.
✓ Made without mercury, lead, and other heavy metals.
✓ Made without flame retardants.
✓ Made without formaldehyde.
✓ Made without phthalates as regulated by the Consumer Product Safety Commission.

Bamboo Fabric

Naturally hypoallergenic, bamboo fabric is the perfect solution for all types of sleepers.

✓ Bamboo fabric is extremely soft & silky, highly breathable, and offers the very best natural luxury that money can buy.

✓ Our unique bamboo fabric is antibacterial and helps ensure that you awake odor-free and feeling fresh every morning.

✓ Our fabric is softer than Egyptian cotton but much more durable.

✓ Bamboo fabric helps you to stay cooler by taking in oxygen and staying 3 degrees cooler than room temperature. 

Try one out for yourself with a free consultation.

Try-out our mattresses and see for yourself just how we’ve transformed sleep.

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